Festival of Terror at Six Flags 2022 how much are the tickets? dates and times

Festival of Terror at Six Flags 2022 how much are the tickets?  dates and times

 The 2022 Festival of Terror at Six Flags begins on September 15 and ends on November 4.  

The one-day ticket to enter the park is $799 pesos.

The attractions of terror are separate and the cost varies according to the plan you choose.

  • General Admission + Horror Attractions
Save and have fun
  • Digital Horror Attractions Pass
Challenge our Extreme Horror Attractions… if you dare!
  • Horror Attractions Pass + Digital Monster Pass
Get fast track access to Extreme Horror Attractions

Here  you can see the calendar. BUY .

Six Flags Attractions 2022

Among the attractions on the official page are:

Evil eye, the Experience

Do you think that you decide when you leave? Upon entering you will discover that the witches are more than a legend, that the grandmother hides a dark secret and that evil never looks away from her.

Werewolves, howl of terror

A terrible curse has fallen on this castle, if there is a full moon think twice before entering, from there no one returns. Be careful!, because you could be the next to become dinner. 

the prison

Deformed, perverse and aggressive beings are the result of sinister tests carried out on the inmates who inhabited this prison. Years have passed since its closure, will you dare to discover the terrible secrets that its cells keep?

Hotel Sinister

Every night the charred facilities of this hotel come to life to welcome its sadistic guests. Spending the night here could cost you your soul, do you want to book a double or single room?

the phobias

The call has been opened. To be part of our tests we will expose you to your biggest phobias, maximum discretion is required as the content to which you will be exposed can be highly disturbing. We suggest you not to shout because no one will help you.

The portal

Darkness reigns in this dimension, here nothing is what it seems. Your mind will be your worst enemy, so be careful with every step you take, it may be the last.

Escape Zombie

Crazy and hungry, this is how these beings “live”… they never calm down and are always disturbed. We will be very happy with your visit, we believe that your presence will calm them down, because we discovered that human flesh is their favorite!


There are some crops guarded by an old scarecrow, his job is simple, scare away the birds. But don't trust yourself and better not cross those lands, all intruders pay a very high price!

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