Where did the tremor grab you, Dua Lipa? VIDEO


Where did the tremor grab you, Dua Lipa?  VIDEO

In the early hours of this Thursday, September 22, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake was recorded, which was felt in several states of the Republic.

The earthquake was felt in Michoacan, Colima, Jalisco, Guerrero and Mexico City.

The seismic alert sounded in CDMX one minute in advance, so thousands of people from the capital left their homes or were surprised on the street while they were having dinner or having a good time in a bar.

Such was the case of Dua Lipa, a British singer, who was surprised by the earthquake while she was having dinner after giving her concert at the Foro Sol, in CDMX.

According to the  National Seismological Service (SSN),  the epicenter of the tremor was located 84 kilometers south of Coalcoman, Michoacán.

This earthquake is so far the most intense aftershock that has been recorded from the magnitude 7.7 earthquake that occurred on September 19, 2022.

The SSN reported that "until 02:00 hours on September 22, 2022, 1,229 aftershocks of the M 7.7 earthquake that occurred in Michoacán on September 19, 2022 have been recorded, the largest being M 6.9."

In social networks, several users shared videos that captured the moment of the tremor.

Earthquake of September 19, 2022

Initially, the  National Seismological Survey of UNAM reported a preliminary magnitude of 6.8, later adjusted to 7.4 and finally reported 7.7. This is one of the strongest earthquakes in recent years.

The  tremor  was recorded at 1:05 p.m., minutes after the 2022 macro drill was carried out, commemorating the earthquakes of September 19, 2017 and 1985.

So far, the authorities report the death of two people due to the tremor of September 19, 2022.

The movement caused panic and surprise in the population, as it was the third earthquake recorded on September 19.

Earthquakes in Michoacan

The Seismological explains that the seismic activity in the state of Michoacán is intense, since there is a record of large earthquakes that have occurred along the coast of this state.

Earthquakes like the one on September 19 (1985 and 2022) have been "a consequence of the subduction of the Cocos plate below the North American plate."

“Of great importance are the earthquakes of September 19 and 20, 1985 of magnitude 8.1 and 7.6, respectively, located at the interface between the Cocos and North American plates. These caused significant damage in a large area of ​​the center of the country and mainly Mexico City.

Another tremor that originated in this area occurred on April 11, 2012. It was a shallow earthquake of magnitude 6.4, whose epicenter took place off the coast of the state of Michoacán. This movement gave rise to a swarm of 20 earthquakes between magnitudes 3.8 and 4.2 in the days following the main movement.

In the state of Michoacán there is constant seismic activity, in the last 10 years, the SSN has reported 11 seismic events with an epicenter located in the state of Michoacán and with a magnitude greater than 5.0.

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