manchester united vs newcastle extended highlights + All Goals - Premier League 2022/2023

  The result of the Manchester United match against Newcastle, which was held today at Old Trafford, was decided in the eleventh round of the English Premier League this season.

manchester united vs newcastle extended highlights

The first half ended in a goalless draw, and it was a logical tie after the two teams exchanged danger during the half-events, so Newcastle managed to reach the United operations area on more than one occasion that witnessed the brilliance of De Gea, who was saving balls from within the 6 yards in the 23rd minute, so Newcastle managed to penetrate the United defenses, but did not He can shake the nets of De Gea.

The second half started strongly, after Newcastle threatened De Gea's goal, before Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal in the 47th minute, but the referee canceled it for offside, and then Ronaldo thought that the Newcastle player touched the ball to go and take the ball and score, but the referee was not allowed to play yet. Ronaldo gave a warning and did not calculate the ball even after returning to VAR.

And the 53rd minute witnessed a penetration by Ronaldo to the defenses of Newcastle, before he was obstructed inside the area to demand a penalty kick, but the referee indicates that there is no mistake and demands to continue playing. United's attempts continued for minutes until the 57th minute, which witnessed another obstruction of Sancho within the 18th, but it was ruled that he was interfering with the ball and not with the aim of obstructing the player to continue playing normally.

With this result, United remain in fifth place with 16 points, while Newcastle will occupy sixth place with 15 points.

manchester united vs newcastle 0-0 extended highlights

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